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Our Company

Over its 70 years of existence, Équipements Twin has matured into a dynamic and  diversified entreprise. Specializing in the sale, distribution, manufacturing, installation, and repair of Truck Equipment, our dedicated team of highly skilled professionals are always ready to help our customers find what they want or confidently manufacture what they need. From snow and ice control equipment to dump bodies and cranes, it's no wonder customers come from all over. At Twin we have established a strong reputation for our customer service, the quality of our products, our successful solutions, and effective results.

Our Mission

To offer a high quality positive experience for our customers that will iniate the desire to, not only redo business with us in the futur, but recommend us to their friends and business network.

  • February 1951 Foundation of Twin

    Founded of Twin Equipment and Supply Ltd, the company originally manufactured truck boxes

  • October 1969 Acquisition by UAP

    UAP acquires Twin and modifies its vocation by focusing on the sale, installation and repair of truck equipment

  • June 1980 New shareholders

    The company was bought by a group of employees and thus Les Équipements Twin (1980) Ltée was born.

  • November 1980 Specialization

    The company now specializes in snow removal, towing and hydraulic tailgate equipment

  • August 1981 New branch

    Twin opens a branch in Ottawa that will be sold to employees in 1986

  • December 1988 New branch

    Another is opened in Quebec City, which will also be sold to employees in 1997.

  • December 2001 Purchase

    The Beaulieu/Derrico family buys the company

  • June 2005 Certified by Transport Canada

    Twin is certified by Transport Canada, which grants it its National Safety Mark Certificate, MSS. This certification, now mandatory in Canada, ensures that all companies that carry out installations and modifications on trucks meet the safety standards of the Canadian Vehicle Bureau (CMVSS).

  • January 2006 Accreditation

    The Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) certifies Twin's workshop

  • February 2009 Ford of Canada

    Twin obtains a pool account from Ford Canada, which allows it to work more closely with Ford truck dealers while allowing its customers to access additional discounts. Twin also has an agreement with GM but does not keep any vehicles in inventory

  • January 2010 Accreditation by Mercedes

    Twin becomes the first company in America accredited by Mercedes for the installation of aerial work platforms on its Sprinter trucks; Twin also purchases back two of its four shareholders

  • March 2012 Acquisitions

    Twin acquires Laval dumpster manufacturer Michel Gohier Ltd. (MG), which also holds ISO 9001-2008 certification

  • July 2012 Acquisitions

    Twin purchases one of its sub-distributors in Quebec City: Distribution Raynald Bertrand Inc. , now Équipements Twin (Québec) Inc

  • March 2013 A third acquisition

    A third acquisition is completed, that of the manufacturer and installer Fourgons PME Ltée of St-Léonard

  • February 2015 New image

    Twin launches its new logo and colors, an important change that is a modern reflection of its image today

  • April 2015 Merger

    The group merges its four operating companies, Les Équipements Twin (1980) Ltée, Les Équipements Twin (Québec) Inc., Michel Gohier Ltée and Fourgons PME Inc. into a new company: ÉQUIPEMENTS TWIN INC. The MG trademark will be retained and used for the sale of certain products

  • May 2015 Moving

    The operations of the St-Léonard workshop (formerly PME) are moved to the Laval (formerly MG) workshops.

  • March 2019

    The activities of the Laval workshop are sold at 50% to a former subsidiary, Twin Equipment Ltd of Ontario, and is thus created Équipements Twin (Laval) Inc. This transaction will allow for a greater alignment of the Ontario and Quebec manufacturing operations. At the same time, a change of minority shareholders took place in Équipements Twin inc. as a minority shareholder retired and made way for two new minority shareholders.

  • June 2021

    Mr. Jean Guy Houde, Executive VP and shareholder from 1980 to 2001 finally retired at the age of 79 after more than 62 years of service.

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Our Certifications

Équipements Twin is proud to have obtained the following certifications:

472CertMark FR

Équipements Twin (Laval) Inc
Applicable standard W47.2


Twin Equipment (Laval) Inc.
Applicable standard W47.1
In process of certification



Twin Equipment Inc. (City of Anjou)
Applicable standard W47.1


Twin Equipment Inc.
Applicable standard W47.1
In process of Quebec branch certification